Helping consumers find the best loan

LoanScouter is a financial comparison engine that allows you to compare loan solutions for your personal needs. Our technology matches consumers and lenders for the best possible match.

With our proprietary comparison tools, LoanScouter will assist you in finding the most suitable loan for you and your finances.

We aim to provide an invaluable service by providing a state-of-the-art technology, that makes the process of finding a loan smart, fast and secure.

3 reasons why you can trust

  1. 7 years of experience in the loan industry
  2. +100.000 customers has found the best possible match across 9 European countries
  3. We are here to help you with our data and honest reviews of banks and lenders.

LoanScouter is 100% free of charge and non-binding for consumers!

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Welcome to Loanscouter

At our mission is to provide consumers with credible information about loans as well as honest reviews of lenders, banks and brokers. By providing in-depth content about everything loan related, we ensure our customers are up to date before they borrow money online.

Andreas Linde, CEO of

Frequently asked questions

How many banks do you compare?

We compare +200 banks and lenders across 9 countries. We aim to provide comprehensive loan comparisons in each country we operate in.

Digital banks and lenders respond quickly to loan applications and offer transparent products. This is something consumers value immensely in today’s digital age.

Is it safe to borrow money online?

Yes! Just like any retail bank, digital banks and lenders are required to either hold a bank license or they are supervised by the local financial authority (FSA) depending on the market.

How quickly can you borrow money online?

Often within two business days. Generally speaking, the larger the loan, the slower the payout is. However, it also varies greatly from country to country. Highly digital countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway offer quick payout, since the loan application is often handled 100% automatic.

By using our loan comparison tool, you are able to see an estimated payout time for each loan.

Which types of loans do you offer?

Unsecured and secured loans to consumers. This includes: Personal loan, car loan, credit card, lines of credit, revolving credit, refinancing and loan consolidation.